June 2015 Flooding

In an earlier post we shared some May 2015 photos of high water in Chatfileld Reservoir.  In June 2015 the Chatfield water level broke the record of  5447.6 feet set on May 25, 1980. At 8 am on June 18, 2015, it was 5448.4 feet and slowly continuing to rise. The west side of Chatfield State Park, including the main entrance off Wadsworth Boulevard, was closed. 5448.4 feet is 16.4 ft. above the current storage level of 5432 feet and 4.4 feet above the 5444 foot storage level proposed by reallocation plans.

Several links to news coverage of the flooding are listed below. Imagine what this would be like if these flood waters were added on top of a reservoir that was already filled to 5444 feet.